Broom Stick Lace
Reviewed by Trish

The sample is made with 4-ply worsted weight yarn, a size G hook and a size 50 knitting needle.

You will need a crochet hook and a size 50 knitting needle to make this stitch.  If you can't find a size 50 knitting needle, use an old broom handle, you will need to cut it to about 14 inches and sand the cut end for smoothness. The broom handle may be slightly smaller than the knitting needle but the results will be the same.

The website where I found the stitch at Creative Corner.

When I made the sample, the foundation row was 25 sc instead of the 190 sc for the afghan. This pattern can be made any size, just remember multiples of 5.

I found the pattern easy to read and the how-to picture very helpful.

This is an easy stitch for the beginner or the advanced crocheter.  The biggest problem with this stitch is what the heck do I do with this big needle??  How do I hold it??? I usually put it between my legs when putting the stitches on (if you have thin legs, this could be a problem) when taking the stitches off, I have the
end of the needle between my arm and my body.

The broomstick stitch can be used for afghans, or just about anything else. I even found an old leaflet with clothes made from this stitch......... back from the 60's
and 70's :)

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