Butterflies Stitch
Reviewed by Caroline

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The sample is made with 4-ply Red Heart worsted weight yarn and a size H hook.

yarn or thread and an appropriately sized hoook

The pattern:
The directions for this stitch are available from Dawn's Yarn Pile.

This stitch is not hard, but I believe there's a mistake in the pattern as written. I think that Row 4 should read as follows:
1 ch, 1 dc, *5 ch, 4 tr in 3rd of first 5 ch, 4 tr in 3rd of second 5 ch, 5 ch, 1 dc in 4th tr* 3 ch, 1 tr at edge.
This makes a very open fabric though so it would be better to use it for something that it you want to be more lacey.

Shawls, decorative scarves, a cover up for the beach, a table runner (if done in thread) etc.

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