Hobnail (Milk Glass) Stitch
Reviewed by Caroline

The sample is made with 4-ply worsted weight yarn (Red Heart, Soft White) and a size H hook.

You will need a sz H crochet hook and worsted weight yarn.

The pattern:
This week's pattern came from Tweety Rose

To Make the sample shown
Start with a base chain, work a row of sc, ch1 and turn.
Row 2: sc, tr across (ending with a sc) ch1 and turn.
Row 3: sc across
Repeat 3 times.

This stitch provides a lot of texture.  I used it in the afghan I made my mother for Christmas.  I don't think I'd use it for a whole afghan but it does work nicely to provide some variety.  The directions are very easy to follow.  Just remember that when you're working the row with the tr, the bumps will be forming on the side away from you, not the side towards you.

Afghans, sampler squares, scarves, dishes, etc.

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