Knotted Ridges Stitch
Reviewed by Caroline

The sample is made with 4-ply Red Heart worsted weight yarn and a size H hook.

You will need a sz H crochet hook and worsted weight yarn.

The pattern:
This week's pattern came from Knitted Threads

To Make the scarf shown:
Chain 30. Do Row 1 and then repeat Rows 2 and 3 until it is the desired length.

This stitch is realatively easy. Although it's not for someone who doesn't like working in the front or back loops of the previous row.  I also had problems getting the finished fabric to lay flat.  The edges were tighter than the middle, so it wanted to curl.  The finished fabric is a little stretchy though.

Afghans, sampler squares, dishcloths, scarves, sweaters or just about anything else.

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