Mitered Tiles
Reviewed by Caroline

The sample is made with 4-ply light worsted weight yarn and a size F hook.

yarn or thread and an appropriately sized hook

The pattern:
The directions for this stitch are available from Get Creative.

This stitch really takes a lot of practice.  After I figured out exactly what it was I was doing, I still had to work a bit on my tension/gauge to make the stitches look right.  I also adapted the pattern by working in the front loops of the ch 5 the first time and the back loops of the ch 5 when I went back to finisht he square.  It made it a little neater because I was having problems getting into the remaining loop of the chains.  I definitely recommend doing a swatch of this before you start any major projects using it!  The directions were pretty clear, once I trusted them.  At first I was trying to guess what happened next and that was causing problems, so just follow the directions and you shouldn't have problems.

Sampler squares, scarves, purse (if it's lined) or just about anything else.  This might look neat if you do the two different halves of the square in different colors.

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