Acronyms Commonly used
AA          Annies Attic
BIL          Brother In Law
BTW       By the way
DD          Dear/Darling Daughter
DH          Dear/Darling Husband
DK          Double Knitting Weight (mid way between sport and worsted weights)
DM         Dear Mother
HH          HappyHookers
HOWB    House of White Burches
IMHO     In My Humble Opinion
L8R         Later
LA           Leisure Arts
LOL         Laughing Out Loud
OTOH      On The Other Hand
QOW         Question of the Week
ROFLOL  Rolling on the Floor and Laughing Out Loud
SAHM Stay At Home Mom
SIL           Sister In Law
SO            Significan Other
SOW        Stitch of the Week
TOW        Topic of the Week
TTFN       Ta Ta For Now
UFO         Unfinished Object
WIM         Work in Mind (hasn't been started yet)
WIP          Work in Progress
WW          Worsted Weight
YMMV    Your Mileage May Vary

Terms frequently used

Frog    Rip out stitches (Rippit Rippit)
Tink    Knitting term refering to undoing one stitch at a time ( 'knit' backwards, and also the sound the needles make)

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